About Us

Our Story:


Welcome to Curl Halo, where we're more than just a hair accessory brand – we're your hair's guardian angel and self-care cupid.

Crafted by passionate women who've embarked on their own journey of self-discovery through hair, we're here to redefine beauty standards and empower you to embrace yourself.

Tired of chasing that elusive straight blowout and battling heat damage? So were we. That's why we created Curl Halo – the ultimate hair solution that fits into your busy lifestyle without breaking the bank or frying your locks.

Our unique microfiber technology and wired heatless curlers are designed to be your desert island must-have, giving you effortless curls wherever you go. No need for extra hair ties and clips – our first-of-its-kind wired heatless curler is flexible to your hair's needs and your personal style goals, whether you have short, long, thick, or thin locks.

Our Values:

At Curl Halo, we celebrate femininity and self-care. Our products blend elegance, whimsy, and practicality, reflecting the unique beauty of every woman. We're all about authenticity, embracing the natural essence of hair and empowering you to feel confident in your own skin.

Our Mission:

Our mission? To revolutionize women's hair care with innovative and accessible accessories that seamlessly fuse hyper femininity with self-care. We understand the challenges of modern life, so our products are meticulously crafted to give you a confidence boost without adding extra stress.

Join us on our quest to redefine beauty standards, champion self-love, and celebrate the unique individuality of every woman. With Curl Halo, embrace the confidence that comes from a harmonious blend of beauty and self-care.