About Us

On a mission to be your hair's guardian Angel 👼

After years of not accepting our natural hair and always longing for the straight blowout look, we began to look at alternatives! (5 years deep into heat damage but better sooner than later right?)

We shortly realised after many attempts of heatless curls there wasn't anything for a person on the go with little time that was foolproof. Not to mention a heatless curler that worked for a wider range of hair textures and didn't need 50 hair ties and clips to secure! 

Curl Halo is designed to be your dessert island must-have. No mirror? No hair ties? No clips, No heat, and no sense of arm coordination? No problem! The ultimate heatless curler for anyone too busy hustling through life to spend an hour every morning on a blow dry. 

Unique microfiber technology locks hair into place similar to a velcro roller, so even if you are a starfish acrobat sleeper it won't budge! There's also no need for hair ties and clips as we are the first wired heatless curler, meaning no matter your hair length, texture, or thickness, Curl Halo is flexible to your personal needs and hair goals! 

Since then we have continued to grow our hub of hair health and self-care goodness! Have you joined the club yet?