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Curl Halo Heatless Curler and bonnet - Comfortable sleep set

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Experience the ultimate blend of glamour and comfort with our Heatless Curls Comfortable Sleep Set! Revel in the enchantment of heatless curls effortlessly, all while ensuring a peaceful night's sleep and promoting the health of your hair.

Crafted for the modern woman, this set is designed to make your hair styling routine effortlessly fabulous.Meet the star of the show - the Curl Halo Heatless Curler. It's your secret weapon for achieving stunning, long-lasting curls without subjecting your hair to damaging heat. With two sizes and a range of chic colors, this curler promises salon-quality curls right in the comfort of your home.But that's not all!

Our bundle also includes the Reversible Premium Silk Bonnet, a lavish treat for your tresses. This ultra-soft bonnet not only protects your hair as you sleep but also ensures a cozy and restful night.

Gift yourself the joy of fabulous, healthy hair and the delight of waking up to perfect curls with this essential set. Say farewell to the hassle of heat styling and embrace the beauty of effortless, heatless curls. Elevate your nightly routine and let the magic unfold – because beauty sleep just got a stylish upgrade!

Bundle Includes:

1 x Curl Halo Heatless Curler 

1 x Reversible Premium Silk Bonnet