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Curl Halo | The Ultimate Heatless Curler | Heatless Hair Overnight

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Create overnight curls with no heat with Curl Halo's heatless curls headband! Plush microfibre material controls fizz, absorbs any excess water from damp hair, and protects hair from further breakage caused by friction when sleeping. 

Inspired by traditional hair curling methods such as rag curling and hair twisting used for centuries before heat tools were easily accessible.

Achieve heatless curls overnight or use for a couple of hours for a salon blow-dry, the possibilities are endless!


Small - 106cm Long, 4cm Thick (light weight, perfect for those with fine/short hair) a slightly tighter curl!

Large - 115cm, 6cm Thick (secure hold for long/thick/coarse hair) curls, blowouts it does it all!


- Controls frizz 
- Reduces breakage and damage 
- Curls hair in 3-6 hrs 
- No heat is needed 
- Vegan friendly 
- Reusable 
- Travel-friendly/Compact
- No hair ties are needed
- Comfortable to wear


  1. Section your hair into two with your preferred parting.

  2. Place the Curl Halo on the crown of your head aligning the logo with your parting, and use a clip to secure one side.

  3. Starting from the side not clipped, take a small section of hair from the front and wrap it around the Curl Halo away from your face.

  4. Work your way down the headband adding another section of hair each time until you run out of hair to wrap.

  5. To secure, wrap the end of the headband around the ends of the hair ensuring the ends are protected and secured.
  6. Repeat on the other side and wear for 4-6hrs.